Sade Wellness

Sade Wellness’s team of experts offers seamless wellness solutions that yield improvements in budgets, morale and overall company efficiency. Our holistic approach is client-centered. All of our efforts are designed to meet the specific needs that we identify in the assessment phase of the program.

The wellness strategies implemented by Sade Wellness and our partners have been proven both efficient and cost-effective. They include an extensive list of services that are designed to improve our clients’ overall health via virtual tools, such as semi-customizable meal plans, fitness programs, and progress tracking.

In addition to these online tools, each company will have a consultant who will be on-site for 8-16 hours a week. Consultant will offer one-on-one counseling for individual clients; plan activities and educational opportunities for the company they oversee; and lead group workout sessions on a weekly basis.

The results achieved through our program do not just benefit each employee; there is a significant benefit for employers as well. For every dollar invested into our corporate wellness program, employers can expect to see a return of $2-10.

Healthier individuals are less prone to illnesses and require fewer doctor visits, lowering the annual claims to a company. Companies with fewer claims and a healthier workforce have more leverage when renewing or searching for new insurance carriers. Finally, employees who are in better overall health are less likely to miss work due to an illness. This leads to increased productivity, which contributes to increased revenue.