How Healthy Are Your Employees?

    How Healthy Are Your Employees?

    Who We Are

    Sade Wellness was founded on the principal of helping individuals achieve optimum health. The sustaining foundation for this healthy lifestyle is life balance. One of the greatest contributing factors to imbalance is a four letter word—W-O-R-K. As we contemplated how to turn a disruptive element of life balance—work—into a complementary element of life balance, we asked ourselves: “Why not create health at the core of where the disruption begins—in the workplace.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

    What We Do

    Sade Wellness creates healthier, happier and more productive employees. We do this through our customized wellness programming that is created to meet the specific health needs of your employees within an organization. Oh, and we save you money. A lot of money. Savings that directly impact your bottom line.

    Formally, we are preventative healthcare within the private and federal workplace. We like to think of ourselves as today’s face of wellness at work.

    Why Should You Care?

    As An Employer

    • Higher Employee Engagement
    • Measurable ROI
    • Reduced Healthcare Claims Costs
    • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Claims
    • Healthier Culture
    • Increased Retention
    • Bottom Line Savings

    As An Employee

    • Healthier
    • Happier
    • More Productive
    • Life Balance
    • Reduced Healthcare Costs
    • Health Risk Reductions
    • Dollars in YOUR pocket

    Did You Know?

    Healthcare Reform has created a way to further incentivize your employees to participate in a wellness program. As an employer, you are now allowed to provide up to 30% tax-free monetary incentive of an employee’s monthly insurance premium back to them, in return for participating in your company’s wellness program.

    Not So Fun Fact: 60% of After Tax Profits Of A Company Are Spent on Healthcare.

    Watch Our Video To Learn More About Who We Are, What We Do, And How We Do It: